4550589 System for Monitoring Snubber Loads (1985)

4626979 Anticipatory Feedback Technique for Pulse Width Modulated Power Supply (1986)

4677984 Calibrated Arterial Pressure Measurement Device (1987)

4720807 Adaptive Pressure Control System (1988)

4807638 Noninvasive Continuous Mean Arterial Blood Pressure Monitor (1988)

4823603 Capacitance Manometer Having Stress Relief for Fixed Electrode (1989)

4833418 Compensation Circuit for Nullifying Differential Offset Voltage and Regulating Common Mode Voltage of Differential Signals (1989)

4837786 Technique for Mitigating Rain Fading in a Satellite Communications System Using Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (1989)

4913159 Method for Determining Blood Flow Through a Narrowed Orifice Using Color Doppler Echocardiography (1990)

4922915 Automated Image Detail Localization Method (1990)

4930351 Vibratory Linear Acceleration and Angular Rate Sensing System (1990)

5247643 Memory Control Circuit for Optimizing Copy Back/Line Fill Operation in a Copy Back Cache System (1993)

5333047 Optical Fiber Sensor Having Digital Integrating Detection System Utilizing Electronic Phase Lock Loop (1994)

5333273 Protected Hot Key Function for Microprocessor-Based Computer System (1994)

5386590 Apparatus and Method for Increasing Data Transmission Rate Over Wireless Communication Systems Using Spectral Shaping (1995)

5396803 Dual Balanced Capacitance Manometers for Suppressing Vibration Effects (1995)

5542669 Method and Apparatus for Randomly Increasing the Payback in a Video Gaming Apparatus (1996)

5664169 Microprogrammable Processor Capable of Accessing Unused Portions of Control Store as Fast Data Memory (1997)

5815673 Method and Apparatus for Reducing Latency Time on an Interface by Overlapping Transmitted Packets (1998)

5857890 Residual Gas Sensor Utilizing a Miniature Quadrupole Array (1999)

5920666 Stable Nonlinear Mach-Zehnder Fiber Switch (1999)

5953941 Antitheft Lock for Aircraft and Aircraft Avionics (1999)

6128422 All Fiber Polarization Splitting Switch (2000)

6163550 State Dependent Synchronization Circuit Which Synchronizes Leading and Trailing Edges of Asynchronous Input Pulses (2000)

6282334 Large Scale WDM/TDM Sensor Array Employing Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (2001)

6282341 Tunable, Mechanically Induced Long-Period Fiber Grating with Enhanced Polarizing Characteristics (2001)

6377391 Gain Flattening with Nonlinear Sagnac Amplifiers (2002)

6529444 Folded Sagnac Sensor Array (2003)

7007902 Adjustable Support for Hands and Arms (2006)

7040244 Watercraft Having Plural Narrow Hulls and Having Submerged Passive Flotation Devices 2006)

7331623 Rack for Supporting Two Canoes on Pickup Truck Bed (2008)

7391242 Sawtooth Waveform Generator (2008)

7558611 Automatic Detection and Quantification of Coronary and Aortic Calcium (2009)

7559672 Linear Illumination Lens with Fresnel Facets (2009)

7562509 Exterior Building Panel with Condensation Draining System (2009)

7637073 Wall Structure for Protecting from Ballistic Projectiles (2009)

7658045 Wall Structure for Protection Against Wind-Caused Uplift (2010)

7667642 Acquisition, Collection and Processing System for Continuous Precision Tracking of Objects (2010)

7735481 Oven Rack Having Hinged Rollers (2010)

7813041 Solar Tracking Reflector System for Structure Lighting (2010)

7823364 Fire-Retardant Cementitious Shear Board Having Metal Backing with Tab for Use as Underlayment Panel for Floor or Roof (2010)

7830045 Rapid Disconnect System for Cellular Tower Transmissions (2010)

8042313 Compression Post for Structural Shear Wall (2011)

8056147 Necktie Having Fastening System for Securing Necktie to Shirt Button (2011)

8079188 Energy Absorbing Blast Wall for Building Structure (2011)

8161710 Projectile-Resistant Wall Structure With Internal Bag (2012)

8173959 Real-Time Trace Detection by High Field and Low Field Ion Mobility and Mass Spectrometry (2012)

8186880 Extended and Fixed Intable Simultaneously Imaged Calibration and Correction Methods and References for 3-D Imaging Devices (2012)

8272161 Deep Root Watering System (2012)

8272321 Rotisserie for Oven (2012)

8283831 Brushless DC Motor Having Multiple Parallel Windings (2012)

8297361 Sea Bed Oil Recovery System (2012)

8298391 Amperometric Sensor (2012)

8347532 Brandable Drip-Stop Collar for Bottles (2012)

8517608 System and Method for Calibration of CT Scanners and Display of Images in Density Units Without the Use of Water Phantoms

8604655 Multi-Phase Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Electric Motor

8605979 Automatic Detection and Quantification of Plaque in the Coronary Arteries of Subjects from CT Scans

8649577 Automatic Method and System for Measurements of Bone Density and Structure of the Hip from 3-D X-Ray Imaging Devices

8649843 Automated Calcium Scoring of the Aorta

8720593 Portable Expandable Fire Protection Chamber

8756896 Roof Panel for Protection Against Airborne Threats

8760221 Method and Apparatus for Acquiring Noise Reduced High Frequency Signals

8784102 Prophy Cup for Dental Handpiece

8862420 Multi-Axis Tilt Sensor for Correcting Gravitational Effects on the Measurement of Pressure by a Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge

8867691 Seismic Safe Nuclear Power Plant

8901993 Method and Apparatus for Acquiring Noise Reduced High Frequency Signals

8965725 Automatic Calibration Adjustment of Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges to Compensate for Errors Due to Changes in Atmospheric Pressure

8997548 Apparatus and Method for Automatic Detection of Diaphragm Coating or Surface Contamination for Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges

8997575 Method and Apparatus for Damping Diaphragm Vibration in Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges

8997576 Method and System for Monitoring Gas Pressure for Reference Cavity of Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge

9016905 Decorative Replacement Cover with Onyx Lens for Recessed Light Fixture in Wall or Stair Riser

9058809 Method and System for Automated Speech Recognition that Rearranges an Information Data Base to Disrupt Formation of Recognition Artifacts